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Right off the bat: TypeScript is an amazing programming language. It lets you write better code with most — if not all — mistakes caught at design time instead of blowing up in your face at runtime (still, give some love to your error handling, always 💖) It is a really mature and fully-fledged language that gets a lot of traction worldwide and amongst the engineers at Cloudsoft.

Today, I would like to share with you 2 features that can enhance greatly your development workflow. These are:

  1. a known-but-under-used feature of TypeScript: decorators.
  2. an unknown-and-not-really-public feature of TypeScript: transformers.

I’m also going to show you the really cool stuff that these features unlock when used jointly. Alright let’s go! …

Right off the bat: serverless is an amazing technology. It lets you build complex apps very quickly and cost efficiently because you concentrate only on the stuff that matters: your application.

I’ve used it to build my own wedding website and a couple of other personal projects. However, I was yet to created one with a real business case behind it. Turns out, I had an opportunity to correct this situation… so I jumped on it!


My (now) wife and I are both French and leaving in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland. A year ago, she decided to create her own travel agency, called Ooh My World Voyages Limited (or OMWVL) which is aimed at French speaking people who want to visit Scotland. The company is now 1 year old and spring is the start of the high season, i.e. lots of customers. As we got married in May — and went straight on honeymoon for 3 weeks after that— she needed a tool to schedule text reminders (e.g. train schedules, tour bookings, etc.) …


Thomas Bouron

Lead engineer at Cloudsoft. Cloud, AWS, Typescript and Java are my daily poison

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